CYD Progressives Committees

Our standing committees are always seeking new members


Chair (ex officio): Jared McCreary (Political Director)

The Policy and Research Committee shall assist the Political Director with researching and lobbying for/against legislation and other government action, engaging in direct action, and planning other political activities. The Policy and Research Committee shall also serve as a think tank for this organization.


Chair (ex officio): Liah Burnley, Fundraising Director

Member (ex officio): Ben Isserlis, Secretary-Controller

The Finance Committee shall assist the Fundraising Director in contacting donors, putting on fundraising events, and other financial activities.


Northern Chair (ex officio): Johnny Villavicencio (Northern Regional Director)

Central Chair (ex officio): Jeff Stoll (Central Regional Director)

Southern Chair (ex officio): Gabriel Montoya (Southern Regional Director)

Each Region shall have a Regional Committee which will assist the respective Regional Director in holding regional membership meetings and recruiting new members, engaging in political activities and fundraisers within the region, and other activities of this organization within the region.